The Risk-Response: User Manual for Strategic and Systemic Thinking (Version 2014, 17Mb) describes the theory, techniques, and tools that are useful to all who are concerned about gaining and maintaining control over their destiny, as individuals or as enterprises.

The Manual contains descriptions of:
Concepts: thinking, design thinking, planning, control, cybernetic principles, systems, governance, strategy and policy, capability and services.
2. Strategic Thinking: principles of planning, techniques for strategic risk management, Business Architecture, Strategic Intent, and Policy Intent
3. Systemic Thinking: techniques for systemic risk management, Risk Studies
4. Application of Strategic and Systemic Thinking in the planning-related disciplines of Enterprise Architecture, Service Management, and Risk Management.

In particular, the Manual presents the Risk-Response approach for designing a viable system, using the AWE WHAT taxonomy of values and resources.

Handbook 470
The Handbook 470
Making Decisions with Risk is being prepared by a working group of Standards Australia Committee OB-007 Risk Management. It is also to become the basis of the postgraduate course "Making Decisions with Risk" that will be available from UNSW Canberra.

The Handbook is a shorter version of the Risk-Response Manual. At the moment, it will come in four parts:
1. Concepts and Tasks
2. Establishing the Context
3. Assessing the Risk
4. Treating the Risk

In the future, I hope, it will be supported by other Handbooks covering the theories of risk manager and the human aspects of risk management.