15 Aug 11

Tools and Techniques for Listing Values

Requirements engineering is a process or set of techniques for gathering values.

Prof Alex van Lamsweerde of the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium, has published papers about '
goal-oriented requirements engineering'. This approach is a formal re-visiting of more traditional ways of determining requirements, apparently overlooked in the current moves to object-oriented design. He heads the KAOS laboratory, which carries out research into requirements engineering - including trustworthiness and re-use. [Alexander Matthews, Mar 07]

Volare, a firm specializing in preparing requirements (using a systems engineering approach rather than investment analysis), provide a template for generating requirements. It gives an example of their structure for a value and describes the different types of requirements, with some indication of what they should contain rather than checklists or other techniques for listing them. Although Volare are selling this template, through freeware, the site seems credible in their expertise, as it is part of the Atlantic Guild, which includes experts such as Tom DeMarco. Registration is a pain. The template is available as PDF or Word downloads. [Lisa Hubbard, Mar 07] Another site access seems to be through