Systems Theory

Web rings
A powerful Web ring about Cybernetics and Systems theory is available from the Principia Cybernetica project from Belgium. The pages are dated variously from 96 to 01 so it does seem timeless enough to maintain its value. [Emily Moffitt, 28 Jun 01]

Complexity, Complex Systems and Chaos Theory: is really a Web ring, for the most part. It gives a small overview of a number of sites, all of which have a relation to systems in one form or another. The site also gives a list of references for anyone interested in tools for complex systems research. [Xianfeng Su, 11 Nov 00. JEL 10th Jan 01] Registration is now required but it is free.

Journals or Magazines
There are some relevant journals, such as the Journal of Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics (EJL, Feb 10)

These journals are published by the International Institute of Informatics and Systemics but its conferences seem to deal with detailed mathematical treatments of not much (EJL, Feb 10) and the related International Institute of Informatics and Cybernetics

The Cybernetics Society (EJL Feb 10) also has proceedings and membership activities supporting the study of cybernetics in the UK. Although the page seems to be have been updated last in Jan 09, it does seem current.

In the US, the American Society of Cybernetics also provides some material, such as definitions and tutorials (from 2001), for general reading (EJL, Feb 10)

The International Society for the Systems Science (EJL, Feb 10) provides publications and links to related sites concerning control, cybernetics, and systems theory.



The Center for Study of WorkTeams at the University of North Texas presents many papers concerning teamwork, including group decision making, systems theory, performance measurement/ appraisal, and leadership. [Belinda Gardon, 2 Jul 01]

Further thoughts about systemics is provided by Bela Benanthy from the International Society for Systems Sciences. This article covers human activity systems, amongst other aspects of systems theory. [Tim Pike, 9 Jul 01]

A brief introduction to systems theory was given by Joyce Begley, Nursing, Eastern Kentucky University, in 1999. The work seems to be a summary from a book about a systems approach to nursing. [Elizabeth McAllister, 9 Jul 01]