Curriculum Vitae for Edward Lewis
wef Mar 11

Current Position

Senior Lecturer
School of Engineering and Information Technology
University College, UNSW
Australian Defence Force Academy
Northcott Drive
+61 2 62688178
fax +61 2 62688581
0418489086 for academic matters
or for consultancy or mentor matters

Tertiary Qualifications
Bachelor of Science (Hons), University of Newcastle, 1969
Doctor of Philosophy - in Psychology, University of Newcastle, 1976

Membership of Professional Bodies

Australian Society for Operations Research (Chairman, Canberra Branch: 1992-3)
Member Association of Computing Machinery
Member Association for Information Systems
Member Risk Engineering Society

Employment Summary
1973 - 79 Major, Army, Psychology Corps, 1st Psychological Research Unit; SO2 Behavioural Science, Central Studies Establishment
1979 - 81 Assistant Director (Information Technology; Staff Development ) Department of Productivity
1981 - 82 Manager (Government Marketing) Control Data Australia
1982 - 86 Major, Army, Psychology Corps Directorate for Command and Control Systems - Army
1986 - 88 Military Fellow (Department of Computer Science) University College, University of New South Wales, Australian Defence Force Academy
1988 - now Senior Lecturer (was School of Computer Science, now Engineering and IT) University College, University of New South Wales, Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra
1980 - now Layrib Pty Limited, consultancy in Planning

Biographical Summary
Professionally trained as a behavioural scientist, with over 30 years experience in personnel and Information Systems planning; carried out considerable research into the development of aides for decision-making, resulting in the Select!Gain and the Risk-Response (was Risk-Remedy) techniques that have been adopted by many Government agencies for tender evaluation. Developed the Analysis of networked Links (AnnL) tool for planning.

Undertaken over 40 consultancy studies involved in the evaluation of tenders or strategic planning options. Provided advice about aspects of the evaluation of 20+ tenders for government agencies, including OASITO for the large outsourcing tenders in the late '90s and the Defence Commercialisation Support Program.

Presented over 30 short courses about planning to domestic and international groups, primarily in the public sector. Current topics include risk management and Enterprise Architecture.

Details of Experience
Planning For Information Systems

Lecture in Making Decisions with Risk (postgraduate)
Mentor in Risk Management for various government and private sector organizations
Member Standards Australia Committees, OB-007 Risk Management, MB-025 Security, IT_013 IT Security, liaison to IT-030 IT Governance and Management
Preparing HB470 Making Decisions with Risk for Standards Australia (OB-007)
Writing team for HB167 Security Risk management for Standards Australia (OB-007)

Assisted with preparation of ADP Strategic Plan for the Australian Army
Developed Career Management Plan for Computing Personnel in the Australian Army
Established policy about the Personnel Aspects of the Use of Computers in the Australian Army
Investigated needs for Computer-based Training in the Australian Army
Assisted with Videotex Trial in the Department of Productivity
Prepared policy statements about Advisory Services for Computing in Business for Federal Government
Marketed computing services to Government on behalf of Control Data
Prepared Advisability study for Learning Support Systems in the Civil Aviation Authority
Developed design Specifications for Learning Support Systems
Prepared Advisability Studies for Planning Support Systems in the Australian Taxation Office
Prepared study of Information Systems supporting Search and Rescue Operations in the Civil Aviation Authority
Prepared systems requirements for Training and Development Branch, Department of Defence
Directed Scoping Studies for:
  • Defence Information Systems Strategic Plan
  • Information Strategic Plan for Land Headquarters (Army)
Prepared the Capacity Planning Model for the Legal Office Information System for the Attorney-General's Department
Provided advice about strategic planning for the Customer Help and Advisory System, Australian Taxation Office
Developed the Strategic Planning process for use in the Republic of the Philippines Government Departments
Presented courses concerning IS strategic planning or systems planning in Thailand, Hong Kong, and the Philippines
Information Management Plan for Defence Housing Authority
Risk management for CAMM2 project, Department of Defence
Data Cleansing for Australian Customs Service
ICT Governance for the Australian Crime Commission
Developed performance measurement systems for contract management
  • IT infrastructure quality measurement for Department of Finance and Administration
  • IT infrastructure quality measurement for Department of Veterans’ Affairs
Prepared policies and practices
  • Security procedures for Medibank Private
  • Key Controls for other organizations
Chaired Committee IT-030 Corporate Governance and management of ICT, Standards Australia
Co-chaired, Study Group of Sub-Committee 7 of Joint Technical Committee 1 (JTC1) of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) (prepared ISO 38500
Corporate governance of information technology)

Management Consulting
Undertook technological forecasting study for the Regular Officers Development Committee
Prepared Delphi survey about "Future for Middle Managers in the Public Sector"
Social and Environmental Impact Studies
  • Evaluated location of RAAF Base at Tindal or Darwin
  • Developed Requirements for Remote Task Force Base
  • Evaluated sites for RAN Armament Depot

Tender Preparation and Evaluation
Prepared tender responses to several Government Departments on behalf of:
  • Control Data Australia
  • ISSC Australia
Wrote tenders for:
  • Computer-based displays for the Australian Bicentennial Exhibition
  • Computer-based Training System for Royal Australian Navy
Evaluated tenders or options for:
  • Standard Bureau System for the Australian Regular Army
  • knowledge-based systems for the Australian Taxation Office
  • expert systems in Navy logistics
  • systems designs for the document management system for the JORN Project Office in the Department of Defence
  • procurement options for the Army Central Manpower Information System
  • document generation packages for Defence logistics
  • IT outsourcing for Government Departments (involving over $300M in value, see later items)
Provided advice to consultants (in PSI and Cogent Systems) preparing tenders or evaluating tenders for
  • desktop systems for Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • Commercial Support Program for Defence (including catering, cleaning, and other support services)
Prepared tender processes, including evaluation methods for:
  • Fleet Underway Replenishment Ship
  • branch-level computer systems for DILGEA
  • Common Use Contract (PE47) for large-scale computers
  • National Restricted Panel for Systems Integrators
  • Expert Systems shells for the Australian Taxation Office
  • Coastal Minehunter for the RAN
  • Computer Aided Maintenance Management 2 in the Royal Australian Air Force
  • consultants to undertake strategic planning for Defence
  • IT Outsourcing for the Department of Veterans’ Affairs
  • Outsourcing of the applications development for the Passenger Access Control system for the Australian Customs Service
  • IT Services outsourcing for the Australian Customs Service
  • IT Infrastructure outsourcing for the Cluster 3 and DEETYA projects on behalf of the Office of Asset Sales and IT Outsourcing
  • IT infrastructure outsourcing for Medibank Private (prepare schedules to Request for Tender)
  • IT infrastructure outsourcing for Department of Health and Aged Care (prepare criteria)

Assisted in the preparation of the "Outright" methodology for preparing outsourcing tenders (with Duesbury’s)
Developed the Select!Gain weighted scoring method for systems selection (commercialized by PSI but now overtaken by Risk-Response)
Developed the Risk-Response method