Edward James Essington Lewis
15 Aug 11

I lecture in:
  • Information Systems Policy and Strategy (moving to Governance of IT)
  • Systems Planning
  • Integrating the Enterprise (moving to Enterprise Engineering)
The content of these courses are available through these Mentor sites.

My research interests are in human thinking tools and techniques. Particular applications of interest include:
  • systematic planning, such as the preparation of Business Cases and enterprise design
  • risk management
  • governance of IT
  • performance measurement
which are parts of the forming discipline of Enterprise Engineering.

My consultancy activities involve:
  • the use of the ANalysis Network of Links (AnnL) package for planning: for preparing Business Cases, strategic plans, design of enerprises
  • the development of the Principles of Planning
  • the SALAAM method for measuring the performance of service delivery.
I have developed a number of propositions about statistics (General Statistical Method, D Method) , logical thinking (use of spreadsheets for deducing truth tables and syllogisms, AnnL for expert systems), and a general planning framework. Some of these propositions have supporting papers. I will write further papers as time allows.

I am a Senior Lecturer in the
School of Engineering and Information Technology (SEIT), University College, UNSW, at the Australian Defence Force Academy.

You can see my page on the
staff list and a more detailed CV.